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2: The couple cuddles up as they cheer on the Rockets, sharing smiles and sweet moments that capture their deep connection and support for each other.

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5: Simone sizzles in a chic outfit, while Jonathan rocks a cool look, making them a power couple to watch both on and off the court.

6: Their courtside kisses and stolen glances reveal a love that is as strong and enduring as their passion for each other and the game.

7: As the Rockets score big on the court, Simone and Jonathan's love story shines bright, proving that sports and romance are a winning combination.

8: Their courtside date night is a perfect blend of sports, style, and love, making them the ultimate couple to watch for both on and off the basketball court.

9: Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens' courtside date night at the Houston Rockets game is a slam dunk in romance and style, showcasing their love for each other and the game.