1: "Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 leak reveals clues about upcoming Galaxy S25 design."

2: "Rumor has it that Galaxy S25 will feature similar foldable display like Z Fold 6."

3: "Leaked images suggest S25 may have a sleeker design inspired by Z Fold 6."

4: "Fans are buzzing about potential camera upgrades on both Z Fold 6 and S25."

5: "Tech experts predict Z Fold 6 and S25 will boast powerful performance enhancements."

6: "Excitement mounts as leaked specs hint at impressive new features for Galaxy S25."

7: "Z Fold 6 leak sparks speculation about innovative display technology on S25."

8: "Industry insiders anticipate Z Fold 6 and S25 will redefine smartphone standards."

9: "Stay tuned for official announcements on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy S25."