1: Original Suits actor Gabriel Macht open to spinoff return. Louis Litt-based series canceled, leaving fans disappointed.

2: Actor Macht hints at possible return as Harvey Specter. Fans eager for more Suits spinoff content.

3: Macht's open invitation sparks interest in potential spinoff. Louis Litt fans hopeful for new series.

4: Suits actor Macht expresses interest in reprising role. Spinoff return possibility to excite fans.

5: Original Suits star Macht open to spinoff comeback. Fans anticipate new Louis Litt-based series.

6: Fans react to news of Macht's potential spinoff return. Excitement grows for Suits series extension.

7: Actor Gabriel Macht hints at Suits spinoff revival. Louis Litt fans anticipate new series prospect.

8: Return of original Suits actor Macht in spinoff discussed. Louis Litt-based series cancellation prompts speculation.

9: Suits actor Macht's open stance on spinoff creates buzz. Fans eager for new chapter in Louis Litt's story.