1: Did Ziva and Tony reunite after she faked her death on NCIS? The fan-favorite couple finally reunited in season 17.

2: After faking her death, Ziva returned to help Gibbs and the team solve a case. Tony was shocked to see her alive.

3: Fans were thrilled to see Ziva and Tony finally back together. Their reunion was emotional and long-awaited by viewers.

4: Ziva and Tony's chemistry was undeniable throughout the seasons. Their love story captured the hearts of NCIS fans worldwide.

5: Tony and Ziva's reunion was a highlight of the series for many fans. Their bond and partnership were unbreakable.

6: After Ziva revealed she was alive, Tony and Ziva shared a heartfelt moment. Their love story left fans wanting more.

7: Even though Ziva and Tony faced challenges, their reunion was worth the wait. Their connection was stronger than ever.

8: Ziva and Tony's reunion brought closure to their storyline. Fans were left satisfied with their happy ending.

9: The reunion of Ziva and Tony on NCIS was a memorable moment for fans. Their love story will always be cherished by viewers.