1: "NCIS: 10 Episodes to Rewatch If You Miss Tony and Ziva" Rediscover the iconic duo's best moments at Paramount in March 2024.

2: "S5E07: Reunion" Tony and Ziva's chemistry shines as they investigate a sailor's murder.

3: "S10E22: Revenge" Ziva seeks closure for her father's death, leading to a heart-wrenching confession.

4: "S6E25: Aliyah" Ziva risks everything to save Tony, proving her loyalty to the team.

5: "S4E03: Singled Out" Tony's protective instincts for Ziva are on full display in this action-packed episode.

6: "S11E2: Past, Present, and Future" Tony and Ziva's complicated history is explored in this emotional episode.

7: "S17E10: The North Pole" Catch a glimpse of Tony and Ziva's life post-NCIS in this heartwarming episode.

8: "S3E08: Under Covers" Tony and Ziva go undercover as a married couple, leading to unexpected feelings.

9: "S13E24: Family First" Tony faces a life-changing decision as he and Ziva's story comes full circle. Relive the magic of Tony and Ziva at Paramount, March 2024.