1: Upgrade your Jiffy cornbread with add-ins like shredded cheese and diced jalapenos for a savory kick.

2: Make your cornbread extra moist by stirring in a can of creamed corn before baking.

3: For a sweet twist, try mixing in honey, cinnamon, and raisins to your Jiffy cornbread batter.

4: Create a crunchy topping by sprinkling crushed cornflakes or chopped nuts over your cornbread before baking.

5: For a cheesy flavor boost, add a generous amount of sharp cheddar or pepper jack cheese to your cornbread.

6: Enhance the flavors by incorporating chopped herbs like fresh chives or rosemary into your Jiffy cornbread batter.

7: For a decadent touch, swirl in some melted butter and brown sugar into the batter before baking.

8: Make it a complete meal by serving your Jiffy cornbread with a side of chili or soup.

9: Experiment with different mix-ins and toppings to customize your Jiffy cornbread and make it a memorable dish.