1: A Grey's Anatomy theory explores a possible return for Izzie and Karev in Season 20.

2: Fans speculate on how Izzie and Karev could make a comeback after their abrupt exits.

3: Could a new storyline bring Izzie and Karev back to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

4: The theory suggests a twist that would open the door for Izzie and Karev's return.

5: Grey's Anatomy viewers are hopeful for a reunion between Izzie, Karev, and their colleagues.

6: If the theory proves true, Season 20 could see the long-awaited comeback of Izzie and Karev.

7: Fans are buzzing with excitement over the possibility of Izzie and Karev rejoining the show.

8: Grey's Anatomy creators have hinted at surprises in store for Izzie and Karev's characters.

9: Stay tuned for Season 20 to see if the theory becomes reality for Izzie and Karev on Grey's Anatomy.