1: Indulge in the rich flavors of the Mediterranean with these five essential dishes.

2: Start your weekend with a classic Greek salad, bursting with fresh veggies and tangy feta.

3: Savor the delicious flavors of Spain with a traditional paella dish, perfect for sharing.

4: Treat yourself to a hearty bowl of Moroccan tagine, filled with aromatic spices and tender meats.

5: Enjoy the taste of Italy with a creamy bowl of risotto, topped with savory Parmesan cheese.

6: Delight in the simple yet flavorful Lebanese hummus, perfect for dipping and sharing.

7: Try your hand at making Turkish kebabs, grilled to perfection and bursting with spices.

8: Experience the bold flavors of Portugal with a plate of grilled sardines, a local specialty.

9: Finish your Mediterranean feast with a sweet and flaky baklava dessert, a perfect way to end the weekend.