1: Enjoying a big meal? Beware of pairing it with alcohol, as it can intensify your hangover symptoms.

2: Fat slows down alcohol absorption, leading to prolonged hangover effects. Opt for a lighter meal instead.

3: Dehydration from alcohol, combined with heavy meals, can worsen hangover headaches and fatigue.

4: Alcohol irritates the stomach lining, causing discomfort when paired with hefty meals.

5: To prevent worsening your hangover, limit intake of fatty foods alongside alcohol consumption.

6: Balance is key – pair alcohol with hydrating foods to lessen hangover severity.

7: Alcohol and large meals can deplete essential electrolytes, contributing to hangover symptoms.

8: Avoid heavier fare when drinking alcohol to minimize the risk of a more severe hangover.

9: Moderation is key to preventing a worsening hangover – pair alcohol with light, hydrating snacks.