1: Discover a 5-move stretching routine for lower back strength & flexibility. Enhance your workout with these simple, effective stretches.

2: Warm up with a gentle backbend to start your routine. Support your lower back while increasing flexibility in this key area.

3: Next, try a seated twist to target your lower back muscles. Rotate your spine and improve mobility with this stretch.

4: Transition into a child's pose to lengthen and relax your lower back. Feel the tension melt away as you stretch.

5: Follow up with a cat-cow stretch to boost flexibility in your spine. Improve mobility and strength in your lower back.

6: Finish with a forward fold to stretch your hamstrings and lower back. Lengthen your spine and release any remaining tension.

7: Incorporate these 5 moves into your daily routine for stronger, more flexible lower back muscles. Experience the benefits of regular stretching.

8: Consult with a fitness professional before beginning any new exercise routine. Listen to your body and adjust the stretches accordingly.

9: Achieve a healthier, more agile lower back with this 5-move stretching routine. Strengthen and improve flexibility for overall well-being.