1: "Law & Order: SVU, a hit crime series on Hulu, follows NYPD detectives solving heinous crimes in NYC."

2: "The Good Wife, a legal drama with thrilling twists and turns, showcases Alicia Florrick's journey to redemption."

3: "Dexter, a gripping crime drama on Hulu, follows forensic analyst Dexter Morgan's double life as a vigilante killer."

4: "Breaking Bad, a critically acclaimed crime series, chronicles high school teacher Walter White's descent into criminality."

5: "The Killing, a haunting crime drama set in Seattle, follows detectives Linden and Holder on intense murder investigations."

6: "Banshee, an action-packed crime thriller on Hulu, tells the story of an ex-con assuming a sheriff's identity in Amish country."

7: "Justified, a modern-day Western crime drama, follows US Marshal Raylan Givens in his pursuit of justice in Kentucky."

8: "Oz, a gritty crime drama set in a maximum-security prison, delves into the lives of inmates and guards."

9: "The Shield, a groundbreaking crime series on Hulu, explores the corrupt inner workings of an LAPD anti-gang unit."