1: 1. "We'll always have Paris, Ziva." Tony reminisces as they reunite. 2. "Together again, partner," Ziva smiles, ready for new adventures.

2: 3. "You're the one I can't live without, Tony," Ziva confesses. 4. "Our love is timeless, Ziva," Tony promises, sealing it with a kiss.

3: 5. "You're my family, Ziva," Tony assures her with a warm hug. 6. "We're unbeatable together, Tony," Ziva declares proudly.

4: 7. "I'll never let you go again, Ziva," Tony vows, holding her close. 8. "Our bond is unbreakable, Tony," Ziva whispers, feeling complete.

5: 9. "United we stand, Ziva," Tony declares, ready to face any challenge. 10. "Our love story continues, Tony," Ziva smiles, grateful for their reunion.

6: 11. "Nothing will ever tear us apart, Ziva," Tony affirms, holding her hand. 12. "We're in this together, Tony," Ziva replies, never letting go.

7: 13. "You're my everything, Ziva," Tony confesses, his eyes filled with love. 14. "We're unstoppable, Tony," Ziva says, ready to take on the world.

8: 15. "You're my strength, Ziva," Tony admits, grateful for her presence. 16. "We were always meant to be, Tony," Ziva smiles, feeling blessed.

9: 17. "Forever and always, Ziva," Tony promises, their love enduring. 18. "Our journey continues, Tony," Ziva vows, ready for whatever comes their way.