1: 1. Currywurst- a spicy sausage dish with curry ketchup. 2. Bratwurst- a grilled sausage typically served with sauerkraut. 3. Schnitzel- breaded and fried meat served with potatoes. 4. Sauerkraut- fermented cabbage that pairs well with German dishes.

2: 5. Käsespätzle- a type of soft egg noodle dish with cheese. 6. Rouladen- beef rolls filled with bacon, onions, and pickles. 7. Goulash- hearty meat stew with a rich tomato sauce. 8. Black Forest Cake- a famous dessert made with chocolate and cherries.

3: 9. Kartoffelsalat- German potato salad with a tangy dressing. 10. Flammkuchen- a thin, crispy pizza-like dish with cream and toppings. 11. Maultaschen- a type of stuffed pasta resembling ravioli. 12. Leberkäse- a type of meatloaf served with mustard.

4: 13. Haxe- roasted pork knuckle with crispy skin. 14. Labskaus- a mashed potato dish with corned beef and pickles. 15. Wurstsalat- a sausage salad with vinegar dressing and onions. 16. Rote Grütze- a fruity dessert made with red berries and custard.

5: 17. Würstchen im Schlafrock- sausages wrapped in puff pastry. 18. Sauerbraten- marinated and roasted beef served with gravy. 19. Bienenstich- a honey almond cake popular in Germany. 20. Frikadellen- seasoned meat patties often served with gravy.

6: 21. Spätzle- a type of egg noodle commonly paired with meat dishes. 22. Labskauskuchen- a savory corned beef and potato pie. 23. Gebrannte Mandeln- caramelized almonds served as a snack. 24. Königsberger Klopse- meatballs in a creamy caper sauce.

7: 25. Wurstbrot- open-faced sandwich with German sausage and toppings. 26. Apfelstrudel- a flaky pastry filled with spiced apples. 27. Rindsrouladen- beef rolls with mustard, bacon, and onions. 28. Rotkohl- sweet and sour red cabbage side dish.

8: 29. Grünkohl- stewed kale with bacon and sausage. 30. Schupfnudeln- finger-shaped potato dumplings pan-fried with butter. 31. Rostbratwurst- grilled pork sausage served with mustard. 32. Schwarzwälder Schinken- smoked Black Forest ham.

9: 33. Zwiebelkuchen- savory onion pie with bacon and cream. 34. Knödel- bread or potato dumplings often served with gravy. 35. Kassler Rippchen- smoked pork chops with sauerkraut. 36. Eintopf- traditional German stew made with meat and vegetables.