1: "15-Minute Mediterranean Diet" Fast, healthy meals for busy moms and kids.

2: "Avocado & Eggs" Protein-packed breakfast option for all-day energy.

3: "Greek Yogurt & Berries" Delicious snack with antioxidants and probiotics.

4: "Salmon & Quinoa" Omega-3s and fiber for brain health and fullness.

5: "Hummus & Veggies" Fiber and vitamins for easy snacking.

6: "Olives & Cheese" Antioxidants and calcium for strong bones.

7: "Whole Grain Pita & Falafel" Fiber and plant-based protein combo for a tasty meal.

8: "Olive Oil & Spinach" Heart-healthy fats and iron for a nutritious salad.

9: "Dates & Almonds" Fiber and healthy fats for a sweet and satisfying treat.