1: "Kale: Packed with iron and other essential nutrients for vegetarian diets."

2: "Spinach: A powerhouse of iron for vegetarian eaters looking to boost levels."

3: "Lentils: High in iron content and a great addition to vegetarian meals."

4: "Quinoa: A complete protein source with added iron benefits for vegetarians."

5: "Chickpeas: Versatile legumes rich in iron for vegetarian cooking."

6: "Tofu: A great plant-based iron source for vegetarian diets."

7: "Chia Seeds: Tiny but mighty iron-rich superfood for vegetarians."

8: "Pumpkin Seeds: Nutrient-dense and iron-packed snack for vegetarian iron intake."

9: "Fortified Cereals: Easy and convenient way for vegetarians to get their iron fix."