1: 1. Meredith donates a liver to her estranged father. 2. She adopts a child whose mother died in surgery.

2: 3. Meredith takes in a pregnant teenage patient. 4. She arranges a skilled surgery for a young cancer patient.

3: 5. Meredith supports her best friend through PTSD. 6. She gives up her dreams to care for her sisters.

4: 7. Meredith helps a patient fulfill their bucket list. 8. She donates money anonymously to help a colleague.

5: 9. Meredith rescues a drowning man in the ferry accident. 10. She helps a fellow surgeon facing legal troubles.

6: 11. Meredith supports a friend struggling with addiction. 12. She fights for proper neurological care for a patient.

7: 13. Meredith mentors a young doctor in need of guidance. 14. She saves a patient from a life-threatening infection.

8: 15. Meredith stands up to a powerful hospital board. 16. She advocates for patient rights in a medical trial.

9: 17. Meredith helps a patient reunite with their estranged family. 18. She risks her career to expose medical fraud.